Die chlorfreie Wasserbehandlung für Freilicht- bzw.
Hallen-Schwimmbäder & SPA - Whirlpool

Der Umstieg auf chlorfreies Wasser ist sehr einfach

• Hypoallergen
• Geruch- & Geschmacklos
• Verhindert und kontrolliert das Auftreten
von Bakterien, Algen und Pilzen
• Nicht oxidierend
• Einfach zu behandeln
• Frisches & sauberes Wasser

PoolSan is even better than expected; guests and staff love our chlorine-free pool.

ONEALDWYCH Hotel , London

After very careful consideration and investigation we decided to install PoolSan as part of our commitment to the environment and our carbon reduction pledge. We were very pleasantly surprised with the ease of the changeover and the fact that we didn't have to close the pool to do this. The pool clarity and air quality improved immediately and was noticed and commented on by the members. The removal of chlorine has had a positive effect on the staff and their daily routine

The Landmark Hotel